“This is a book for everyone. For women considering a separation, an honest account and a valuable “how-to” from an honest and intimate personal journey shared. For men, insights into the mature singles scene worthy of some reflection and respect. And for all those in a relationship, the shattered mirror can open eyes anew to the precious you have, and why it is worth the effort to make it the best it can be”……

Robert Armstrong, Clinical Psychologist, Armstrong Psychology



“The Divorce Tango was a good, easy read and Cheryl’s personality shines through as someone who has gone through the process and gleaned a lot of valuable insight into their divorce. I think women who have been left will particularly relate to it”………. Valerie Norton, Family Mediator


“This book is a breath of fresh air and a “must have” for all souls that are swimming in the emotional “divorce lakes” …..there were no books around 30 years ago in the late 80’s when my divorce was unfolding…..top marks to Cheryl Duffy
Congratulations and every success”
…….Kay Chappell, Retired Purchasing Officer


“The Divorce Tango is a helpful, honest and a practical book about navigating your way through the minefield of separation and divorce. I wish I’d read it when I went through my divorce years ago…it would have supported me tremendously!”……

Malinda Boulous, Teacher & Small Business Owner


“Cheryl has managed to explain very simply the emotional roller coaster of a divorce, a combination taken from both personal and experience of others this book provides the reader with an insight into the many facets of divorce.  From the pain of denial to the relief of acceptance; from being a victim of the past to gaining the self confidence to make the right choices to move forward and live a renewed life of happiness. This book provides the reader with some reassurance that when you are ready and you have allowed yourself time to heal…, you will learn to trust in another and find love again”…..

Raj Tailor, Associate Director of IT Service Management


“The self-esteem and confidence that is shattered when a divorce occurs, is so hard to comprehend unless one has been through it, so sharing your first hand experience is very helpful to others embarking on their divorce journey”…… Carol Martin, Managing Director