Divorce Coaching

Overwhelmed on where to start on your Divorce Journey ?

Struggling to move on after Divorce, just surviving and unable to create the life you deserve ?


From blindlessly navigating my way through my own divorce taking 8 years to rebuild a happy life, I have unlocked the secrets to regaining self esteem and confidence publishing “The Divorce Tango” to help you rebuild your life faster.

I became a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® to help people who have been blindsided by Divorce feeling overwhelmed on where to start on their Divorce Journey or help those struggling to move on. I support them emotionally and help them regain confidence and courage to take control and create a happy life. As your coach my organisational skills and structured approach will help you visualise the future you want, create a plan and take the steps to create a life you deserve.

What is a Divorce Coach ?

A Divorce Coach is future focused preparing you & supporting you through your Divorce Journey to help you make the best possible decisions for your future to rebuild your life. Unlike a Psychologist who is past focused helping you uncover and recover from emotional issues, and unlike a Lawyer who is present focused to help you with the legalities of Divorce.

A Divorce Coach is your partner to support you emotionally and help you discover and visualise a new life, setting goals and actions to achieve a happy life making referrals to other experts only when needed minimising the cost of your Divorce.

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“The process of separating is both emotional and difficult for the best of individuals. Cheryl Duffy’s sincere, but strategic, constructive and balanced approach was invaluable and I would encourage any client to engage with her, to achieve a logical and fair outcome in any separation/divorce. She advised me that the best way to deal with financial settlement in a divorce is through an amicable approach. If after an initial consultation with a lawyer in regards to entitlements an agreement can be reached between both parties, it will allow both to remain in control without having the decision made for you by a court. This resulted in a somewhat less painful separation in what is a stressful period”…………Crystal