Divorce is like the tango, a passion-fuelled dance between two people, with many twists and turns through emotionally charged phases. The duration is not defined, and the experience is different for everyone.

There is no set amount of time for how long it will take  you to recover and heal from divorce, as this is a major life change that affects everyone differently. At first, you may feel as if your world has fallen apart or has been ripped out from beneath you, and the future may seem dauntingly uncertain.

Perhaps you previously felt as if your life was under control, yet the breakup of your marriage has left you feeling as if everything is turned upside down, never to return to its former state. There are major impacts to deal with, including emotional, familial, and in your confidence and financial stability.

The Divorce Tango will lead you through the many post-divorce phases, recommend suggestions on how to overcome those challenges, and provide case studies from others to help those embarking on the divorce journey.

• Gain guidance through all divorce challenges, with insights from others and helpful, reliable advice from experts that will empower you throughout your personal divorce journey.